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Photo Cakes
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Helpful information when ordering a photo product:

  • What can photos be put on?!
    • Cakes are most popular. Images can be put on any cake, round or sheet.
    • Cupcakes are growing in popularity. Images are printed by the dozen (one image per a dozen).
    • Cookies are a tasty treat, too! Images are printed by the half dozen (one image per a half dozen). Images can either be baked onto the cookie or can be smoothed onto a frosted cookie.
  • Choosing a photo:
    • We would be happy to put your personal photo on a cake or an image you found on the Internet.
    • Please know it is against the law to print a trademarked, copyrighted, or watermarked image. And since we can't make cakes in jail, we refuse to commit this crime! Read more about copyright laws, here.
    • One photo is included in the cost of your sheet cake (cakes 9x13 or larger), photos on round cakes are an additional $3.00.
    • If you are choosing a photo for a licensed frame cake and the frame is round, choose a picture that will fit the frame.
  • Best possible image:
    • The "base coat" of your cake will be white frosting. We DO NOT recommend putting a photo on a cake with bavarian or cream cheese frosting (photos on these frostings tend to bleed and ruin the image).
    • The quality of the photo you give us is the quality of photo you will get--we are not graphic designers and do not posess the magical powers (or software) to enhance your photo.
    • Pastel colors and teal do not print well. We're sure there's a good explanation for this...
  • Submitting your photo:
    • You may submit a hard copy of your photo in store (525 Sabattus Street, Lewiston) or you can email us your photo (
      • If emailing, we prefer to receive your photo in jpg format, but we also accept tif, gif, and pdf.
      • When emailing, please put the date and the last name on the order in the subject line of the email. This will ensure we get the correct photo on your cake.