Grant's Bakery

Since 1956

525 Sabattus Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

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Photo Frame

Licensed Designs

Angry Birds Tick Tick BOOM

Angry Birds Tick Tick BOOM Frame-FR58202

Angry Birds Born to Be Angry-PC21031 

Angry Birds Cuteness Overload-PC21032

Angry Birds Bird is the Word-PC7498


Angry Birds

Angry Birds BOOM-PC38915

Avengers Assembled Frame-FR8308

Avengers Captain America-PC20953

Avengers Captain America  

Avengers Team Captain America-PC7833

Avengers Team Iron Man

Avengers Team Iron Man-PC7825

Avengers Teams Unite 

Avengers Teams Unite Frame-FR7824

Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes-PC43101

Avengers Hulk-PC20954

Avengers I am an Avenger-PC8307

Avengers Iron Man-PC20952

Avengers Thor-PC20955



Captain America Whose Side

Avengers Captain America Whose Side-PC39895

Barbie Sparkle

Barbie Sparkle-PC36899

Barbie Party Princess

Barbie Party Princess-PC36863

Barbie Glitter

Barbie Glitter-PC36846

Barbie Fashionistas

Barbie Fashionistas Frame-FR8360

Barbie Forever Glam

Barbie Forever Glam-PC8361

Batman & Joker

Batman & Joker-PC6750

Batman v Superman

Batman vs Superman-PC37419

Batman v Superman Diana Prince

Batman vs Superman Diana Prince-PC6584

Batman You're Amazing-PC37418

Batman KAA-BOOM-PC37417    

Batman Bat-a-Rang Frame-FR6589

Batman Logo-PC6749

Batman v Superman Fractured

Batman vs Superman Fractured Frame-FR6585

Betty Boop

Betty Boop Glam Frame-FR58204 

Betty Boop-PC58191

Big Bang Theory Logic

Big Bang Theory Logic-PC7939

Big Bang Theory Bazinga

Big Bang Theory Bazinga-PC7940

Blaze I've Got Drive-PC37490

Blaze High Tire Frame-FR7244    


Bubble Guppies Frame-PC17968


Bubble Guppes Gil & Molly-PC35339

Cars 3 Race Ready-PC20900

Cars Victory Lane

Cars Victory Lane-PC36872

Cars Frame

Cars Piston Cup Frame-FR6214




Curious George Let's Celebrate-PC7504


Curious George Monkeying Around Frame-FR7507

Curious George Big Smiles-PC7506 


Daniel Tiger Neighborhood Friends-PC7512

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Land of Make Believe Frame-FR7515 

Daniel Tiger Grrrific-PC7514

Descendents Fairest Frame-FR6247

Descendents Auradon Cool-PC36898



Despicable Me Hang 10-PC21083


Despicable Me Party Time-PC34847

Despicable Me Minions Party Frame-FR6079 

Dinotrux Outside the Toolbox

Dinotrux Outside the Toolbox-PC40369 

Disney Cinderella Frame

Disney: Cinderella Frame-FR6131

Disney Cinderella

Disney: Cinderella-PC6134

Disney Fairies I Believe in Fairies

Disney Fairies I Belive in Fairies-PC8260

Disney Fairies Pixie Petals

Disney: Fairies Pixie Petals-PC6133

 Disney Princess Dream

Disney Princess Dream-PC42563

Disney Belle

Disney Belle-PC8261

Disney Little Mermaid 

Disney: Little Mermaid Frame-FR7992

Disney: Dream Big Princess, Heart Strong Frame-FR18967

Disney: Little Mermaid Make a Splash-PC43081

Disney: Beauty Within-PC21359

Disney: Belle Enchanted Beauty Frame-FR8313

Disney: Princess Castle Silhouette-PC21358

Princess and the Frog

Disney: Princess & the Frog-PC7989

Princess and the Frog FR

Disney: Princess & the Frog Frame-FR7991

Disney Princess Power

Disney: Princess Power Frame-FR8367

Disney Princess Rapunzel

Disney: Pricess Rapunzel Dream Big-PC7988

Disney Snow White

Disney: Snow White Friendship-PC8262

Divas (WWE)-PC7494  

Doc McStuffins Care Team-PC20959


Doc & Friends-PC35341


Doc Friendship Frame-PC17903


Dora Party Frame-FR17372


Dora FlowersDora Flowers-PC36881

Dora & Boots Fiesta Frame-PC4913


Elena of Avalor Adventure Awaits Frame-FR8288

Elena of Avalor-PC42530 



Finding Dory-FR8273

Finding Dory

Finding Dory-PC42522


Frozen Olaf Elsa Anna-PC4976


Frozen Northern Lights Icy Magic

Frozen Northern Lights Icy Magic-PC8290

Frozen Northern Lights Way Too Cold

Frozen Northern Lights Way Too Cold Frame-FR8436

Frozen Fever Summer Solstice

Frozen Fever Summer Solstice-PC36987

Frozen-Elsa and Anna Holiday Cheer-PC7413

Frozen Fever Celebrate Summer-PC7411

Frozen I'm Olaf-PC7410

Frozen Olaf I Love Warm Hugs-PC7412

Frozen A Winter's Tale Frame-FR20844

Frozen Beautiful Sisters-PC37598

Frozen Olaf With All My Snow-PC37596

Frozen Olaf-PC4977


GB Tawny Lion

Golden Books: Tawny Lion-PC6307 

GB Poky Puppy

Golden Books: Poky Puppy-PC6305

GB Shy Kitten

Golden Books: Shy Kitten-PC6306

GB Family Treasure Frame

Golden Books: Family Treasure Frame-FR6308 

Good Dinosaur

Good Dinosaur-PC6767    

Guardians of the Galaxay Interplanetary Heroes Frame-FR20957

Guardians of the Galaxy 

Guardians of the Galaxy Legend Frame-FR8438

Guardians of the Galaxy Rag Tag

Guardians of the Galaxy Rag Tag-PC8437

Harry Potter Wands-PC37450

Harry Potter Movie Magic Frame-FR6545

Hello Kitty Party Hat

Hello Kitty Party Hat-PC38926

Hello Kitty So Much Fun

Hello Kitty So Much Fun-FR58209

Home in the Out-PC4979

Hot Wheels Steer Clear

Hot Wheels Steer Clear-PC37058

Hot Wheels Frame

Hot Wheels Driven to Thrill Frame-FR6352



Home do you Speak Boov Frame-FR4980

Inside Out Frame-FR6078

 Inside Out-PC5476

Jake & the Neverland Pirates

Jake & the Neverland Pirate-PC42528

Jake & the Neverland Pirates Sailing Adventures

Jake & the Neverland Pirates Sailing Adventures Frame-FR8278

John Deere Full Speed Ahead

John Deere Full Speed Ahead-PC7538

John Deere Johnny Tractor

John Deere Johnny Tractor-PC7536

John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor Frame-FR7539

John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor-PC38314


Justice League Cry For Justice-PC7439

Justice League Green Lantern's Light-PC7437

Justice League In A Flash-PC7438

Justice League Stand United Frame-FR7440

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3-PC17617

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 Frame-FR7580

Lion Guard

Lion Guard-PC42532

Lion Guard Epic Roar 

Lion Guard Epic Roar Frame-FR8274

Little Charmers Sparkle Everything 

Little Charmers Sparkle Everything Frame-FR58211

Little Charmers True Friendship 

Little Charmers True Friendship-PC58161

Luis Fitch Dia de Los Muertos-PC7199

Luis Fitch Dia de Los Muertos-PC7211

Marvel Comics Original 4

Marvel Comics Original 4 Frame-FR8374

Marvel Comics Unite

Marvel Comics Unite-PC8373

Mickey & Friends Mini DOts & Daisies

Mickey & Friends Minnie Dots & Daisies-PC8259

Mickey & Friends Rockin My Dots

Mickey & Friends Rockin My Dots-PC8249

Mickey & Friends Glam Dots

Mickey & Friends Glam Dots Frame-FR8277    

Mickey SelfieMickey & Friends Selfie Frame-FR6213

Mickey Tsum Tsum Pic of the Day Frame-FR21033

Mickey Tsum Tsum Totes Adorbs-PC21034

Mickey and Minnie Silhouette-PC21356

Mickey Silhouette-PC21357

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Get Set Go-PC20918

Mickey and the Roadsters Hey Mickey-PC42492

Minnie Being Me-PC43112


Minnie Too Sweet-PC20903

Minnie Budding Beauty

Minnie Budding Beauty Frame-FR5373

Mickey and Friends Cheers

Mickey & Friends Cheers-PC8276    

Mickey & Friends Cafe Minnie

Mickey & Friends Cafe Minnie-PC8243

Miles from Tomorrowland

Miles From Tomorrowland-PC38321

Miles from Tomorrowland

Miles From Tomorrowland Frame-FR7751

Moana the Wayfinder Frame-FR8766

Moana We Know the Way-PC8977 


Monsters High Ghouls Rock

Monsters High Ghouls Rock-PC42559

Monsters High Scary Cute

Monsters High Scary Cute Frame-FR8382

Monster Jam Crunch Time

Monster Jam Crunch Time Frame-FR58215

Monster Jam Monster Trucks

Monster Jam Monster Truck-PC38315

Monster Jam High Flying-PC21064


Monsters University Boo to You-PC19154 

My Little Pony

My Little Pony-PC58216 

My Little Pony Let's Party

My Little Pony Let's Party Frame-FR58217

Palace Pets Royal Cuteness

Palace Pets Royal Cuteness-PC7949

Palace Pets Pumpkin Tutu Terrific

Palace Pets Pumpkin Tutu Terrific-PC7950

Palace Pets Teacup Lookin' on the Bright Side

Palace Pets Teacup Lookin' on the Bright Side-PC7951

Palace Party Lets Play

Palace Pets Let's Play Frame-FR7948

Paw Patrol Skye Everest Mars

Paw Patrol Skye Everest Mars-PC8430

Paw Patrol Chase Frame-FR18730


Paw Patrol Skye Frame-FR18731

Paw Patrol Yelp for Help-PC4981 

Paw Patrol Marshall Frame-FR18729

Paw Patrol Girl Pup Power-PC20950

Peanuts Belle-PC6350


Peanuts Boogie Down Frame-FR20994

Peanuts Patriotic Snoopy-PC20711

Peanuts This is the Life-PC20976



Penguins of Madagascar Battle Stance Frame-FR18773


Penguins of Madagascar-PC36322

Pepe and Penelope Love (Looney Tunes)-PC37399

Peppa Pig Sunny Days-PC7554

Peppa Pig and George-PC7556

Peppa Pig Oink 

Peppa Pig Oink Frame-FR7557

Pirates of the Caribbean High Seas Danger-PC95

Pirates of the Caribbean Infernal Seas Frame-FR18968

Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party-PC38316

Pokemon Pikachu & Friends

Pokemon, Pikachu, & Friends-FR58218

Pokemon Ready to Battle-PC21030

Pooh Big Joy

Pooh Big Joy-PC8393

Pooh Floaty Day

Pooh Floaty Day-PC8394

Pooh You're 1 Today Frame-FR8392

Pooh 1st Birthday

Pooh 1st Birthday-PC8395 


Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers-PC20971

Power Rangers Ninja Steel-PC20972

Power Rangers Power Frame-FR20970


Power Puff Girls Girl Power Frame-FR20780

Powerpuff Girls Girls Rock-PC20783

Scooby Doo Your Pal-PC37516    

Scooby Doo PhotoBomb Frame-FR7393    

Scooby Doo And You Frame-FR7480    

Secret Life of Pets

Secret Life of Pets-PC8370

Sesame Street Hooray For You Frame-FR20987

Sesame Street It's Fun to Be 1-PC20988

Sesame Street Monster Party-PC20989

Sesame Street Party-PC7566

Sesame Street Happy Birthday Frame-FR7569

Sesame Street Celebration-PC7568

Shimmer and Shine, Sweet and Sparkly-PC19162


Shopkins Sweet-PC19077


Sofia the 1st Springtime in Enchancia-PC43885

Sofia the 1st Dreaming in the Garden Frame-FR20958


Spiderman Homecoming Wall Crawler-PC43887


Spiderman Homecoming Web Swinger Frame-FR0182

Spiderman Web Slinging Time

Spiderman Web Slinging Time Frame-FR8388

Spiderman Gotcha

Spiderman Gotcha-PC42555

SpongeBob Work & Play

SpongeBob Work & Play-PC36883

Spongebob Happy-PC33759


SpongeBob Crew Frame

SpongeBob & Crew Frame-FR6265


SpongeBob Friends Frame

SpongeBob & Friends Frame-FR6264


SpongeBob Life is Sweet

SpongeBob Life is Sweet-PC36882

Star Wars Rey-PC19089

SW Awakens Kylo Ren

Star Wars Awakes Kylo Ren Frame-FR7330



Star Wars R2D2 C3PO Frame-FR18685

Star Wars Rebels-PC35923

Star Wars Sith Lord Frame-FR18686

Star Wars Rogue One Death Trooper-PC20767

Stars Wars Rogue One Empire-PC20765

Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Alliance-PC20766

Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Leader-PC20768

Star Wars Storm Trooper-PC36319

Star Wars Yoda Frame-FR18684

Star Wars Yoda-PC36293

Star Wars Darth Vader-PC36294

Star Wars Dueling Forces Frame-FR4978

Star Wars Galaxy-PC36320

Star Wars The Force Awakens-PC37497

Star Wars Rogue One Rebels Unite-PC43818

Strawberry Shortcake Joy

Strawberry Shortcake Joy-PC36871    

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet

Strawberry Shortcake Sweet-PC8332    

Strawberry Shortcake Frame

Strawberry Shortcake Celebrate Frame-FR6215    



Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Kingdom-PC43686

Super Mario Here We Go Frame-FR0973

Super Mario Power Play-PC7542

Superman Golfing-PC20774

Superman Hope-PC7242

Superman Up and Away-PC37454

Superman Saves the Day Frame-FR7243


Superman Grilling0-PC20772


Superman Touchdown-PC20773


Super Hero Girls Girl Power Frame-FR20965


Super Hero Girls Rule-PC20996

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Frame-FR17212

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-PC34691

TMNT Cowabunga

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga-PC8413

TMNT Donatello

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello-PC8416


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo-PC8415

TMNT Michaelangelo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michaelangelo-PC8418

TMNT Out of the Sewer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Sewer-PC8412

TMNT Raphael

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael-PC8417

Thomas & Friends Steam Team Go

Thomas & Friends Steam Team Go-PC7913


Tinkerbell Original Starlet-PC8309

Tinkerbell Sparkle All the Time Frame-FR8311

Toy Story Look Out

Toy Story Look Out-FR8448

Toy Story Toys in Action

Toy Story Toys in Action-PC8283

Transformers Ready to Roll

Transformers Ready to Roll Frame-FR58226

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Transformers Robots in Disguise-PC38313

Transformers One Team One Mission-PC20978

Trolls Cupcakes & Rainbows-PC38892 

Trolls Crazy Party Animal Frame-FR7821 


Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales Frame-FR6388 

Veggie Tales Made Special-PC36513

Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar-FR58206

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar-PC38893

Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts-PC36896

Wild Kratts Frame

Wild Kratts Frame-FR6275

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Frame-FR6587    


Wonder Woman-PC6586


Wonder Woman Amazing Mom-PC36818


Wonder Woman Girl Power-PC37416

WWE Roman Reigns-PC7378    


WWE John Cena-PC7376


WWE The Rock-PC7377



Zootopia Now Recruiting

Zootopia Now Recruiting Frame-FR7823