Grant's Bakery

Since 1956

525 Sabattus Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

(207) 783-2226
525 Sabattus Street
Lewiston, Maine 04240

(207) 783-2226


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Wedding Cake Servings

What cake flavors are available?

We have many flavors to choose from. You can choose up to two flavors per a tier. We don't recommend choosing too many flavors, as it'll make serving the cake a chore. We offer the following cake flavors:

  White Chocolate Marble Cherry
  Spice   Raspberry    Strawberry  Almond
  Lemon Red Velvet Bluberry  


Can we have fillings between the layers?

You bet! Typically we use frosting between the layers of our wedding cakes, but for a small fee (per tier), you can have the filling of your choice. You can choose from the following fillings:

  Vanilla Custard   Raspberry   Strawberry
    Chocolate Custard   Lemon Cherry


Tasty Flavor Combinations

Black & White Half chocolate, half white cake

Raspberry Lemonade Raspberry cake, lemon fruit filling

Almond Joy Chocolate cake, coconut pudding filling, almond icing

Summer Delight Lemon cake, blueberry fruit filling

Devil’s Food Half chocolate, half raspberry cake, raspberry fruit filling

Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate cake and pudding filling

Plain Jane Vanilla cake and pudding filling

Fall in Maine Spice cake, maple buttercream filling

Black Forest Chocolate cake, cherry fruit filling

Strawberry Shortcake White cake, strawberry fruit filling